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Payments can be made using one of two methods. PayPal or Interac E-transfer.  If you are outside of Canada, you will have to choose the PayPal option.


Once you have your items in your cart and are ready to checkout, click on “cart”  in the top right corner, then click checkout.


After you fill in your name and shipping details, you will be prompted to select your payment option.  For E-transfer, please select “manual payment” To complete payment using the E-transfer option, go to your online banking page or app and go to the send money tab (different banks may phrase it differently).


Select send money and send an e-transfer of the full order amount to email recipient (that’s us). Please mention your order # in the notes section of your e-transfer.


A security question and answer are not required by us, although some banks DO require it.  If this is the case, please use:

Security Question: We Shop

Security Answer: Naked


*Please avoid using any words like cannabis, marijuana, THC and CBD in any part of your e-transfer.  This may cause the payment to be flagged by your bank.


Once you have submitted your order, you will be sent an email with payment instructions for your reference.

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