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Nectar is founded by two former lovers, turned besties, turned business partners. As star crossed lovers, when we met each other, we both shared a lot in common.  We had interest in herbalism, Chinese medicine, superfoods, spirituality, sexuality, and all things cannabis culture.  More than anything, we liked to feel good and look good, with a healthy dose of vanity and appreciation for that pampering lux life.  We wanted to find products that incorporated our favourite herbs and superfoods in ways that were fun and easy to use that felt lavish.  Feeling wholly unsatisfied with the options out there, we decided to get busy and make our own recipes.  They say necessity is the mother of invention. 


What started as playing with potions in the kitchen soon turned into an obsession.  It took us a few memorable years of strenuous R and D and many long, hard nights in the test kitchen to bring our recipes to perfection. Definitely what you would call a labour of love.


“What awesome concoction could we make next and how could we make it even more luxurious, relaxing, pleasurable or intoxicating. We tried smoking it….now can we put it in wine? How about in a bath, Oooooh, lets make it into tincture. But it has never been done! We’re doing it!”


The recipes piled up as we dosed, dabbed, dropped, sipped, steeped, soaked, smoked, stroked, rode, slid and were did in to the brink of ecstasy. We were on to something and these recipes were too on point to not share with the world, so….

Voila! Nectar was born.  



Image by Jana Sabeth
Image by Kimzy Nanney


Our products are our love made visible.


We are committed to only sourcing the highest quality ingredients that we can get our slippery little hands on.  


What we present is an offering of our favourite things.


Made with loving intention, in small batches,

in our test kitchen in Squamish, BC.

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