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I am sure that we have all heard about the importance of moisturizing so many times through television ads and elders that it's some sort of drone in the back of our heads by now... "You'll get dull and flaky" "your skin will age faster" "your skin is unprotected."


Yes. All absolutely, positively true.


But let's be honest, here. We often don't pay attention to these things until they're actually happening... And then we panic and want the issue that built up over years to be gone as soon as our moisturizer dries.


Unfortunately, we cannot promise that.


What we can promise is a simple, vegan moisturizer that is bound to fix any issue caused by your skin's lack of moisture.


This means:

Wrinkles will visibly decrease over time. Complexion will brighten, getting rid of that dull and flaky look.

Acne will begin to subside and heal, thanks to the nourishing oils and CBD.

Protection from the sun (minimal, but present)

Make-up will sit better on your skin, as it is plump and full of moisture.

Skin irritation will be soothed.


All of this won't happen overnight, but thanks to the healing power of CBD the process will be highly accelerated - many users notice results within a week of daily use.


If you knew you could do one thing twice a day for a week to improve the look of your skin, would you?

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